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Originating from the goddess Samra, who brought love and foxiness to all who prayed to her. Can be shortened as "Sammy". Usually means that person is beautiful, sweet, wonderful, perfect, gorgeous, and, most importantly, "a boodle-woodle".
Dylan likes his women to be Samra.
by iwonderwho? July 19, 2004
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a beautiful girl, with a heart of gold most cannot see. every guy wants her kind of girl.
'' did you see that girl, she is such a samra "
by owyeahh November 03, 2010
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original jatts with too much land.... richest, royal, best looking jatts in punjab
everyone's afraid of them and all other jatts bow down to them even though they do not make up a large population, this is because they are the original, royal jatts. Any samra will gladly rip you to shreds with their bare hands for messing with them
three words to describe them:
1. OGs
2. sexyyyyyy
Guy 1: brooooo did you see that jatt over there in his bentley?
Guy 2: yeaa yooo, he's definitely a samra
by jatt_ahhhhh May 19, 2018
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