the greatest tennis player in history who played in the most competitive era of tennis
man that sampras guy owns
by john roddick November 5, 2006
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a guy named after the tennis player but is a shit guy himself. his entire personality is being named after pete and is toxic, stupid, and ugly
usually can be found in the cadets group, as being in a high ranking position fulfils his little power obsession
is that sampras coming? quick hide!
man sampras get no bitches!
by smartestpersonintheroom July 7, 2022
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The best tennis player in the world besides Roger Federer.

He has an incredible first serve that rivals Andy Roddick's. His second serve is the best one of all time. It's known for producing aces during critical points. Pete also has fantastic smashes, and a deadly running forehand.

Sampras has won 14 Grand Slam Tournaments, and has earned the most career money off of tournaments alone: $43,280,489 (that doesn't include the several million dollars he's earned off of advertisements.

He also had an amazing rivalry against Andre Agassi.
Pete Sampras will fucking kick the shit out of you with his 140 mph serves.

He will pwn your ass with his running forehands.

He will anally rape your bitch-ass with his awesome serve and volley skills.
by TEnNiS_F@n September 6, 2007
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When a man serves up his balls so fast and hard that the object of his passion poops her pants.
I gave her a Pampers Sampras last night, and she poopt 'em good.
by Pat B. March 28, 2007
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the act of jizzing on a tennis ball, igniting it, and shoving it up your girl's pussy while grunting.
Jack tried to give his girl a flaming Pete Sampras, but accidently lit his cock on fire.
by P-nasty the Chuta April 4, 2010
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