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Salter, a word referring to a jackass with nice qualities.
I like Bob, he's friendly. But he's a bit of a salter.
by yb1144 July 29, 2006
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anal assassin e.g: someone who inserts there index/forefingers into the excretion zone
josh: did you here what nick did on the weekend

edd: yeah he's such a salter
by kl kid June 22, 2007
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A nude picture of a girl that is possessed by her female best friend.

See also: saltering
Guy: can I see the salters you have of your best friend??
Girl: No! Girl's eyes only
by Dr. Rohl October 27, 2014
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An incredibly racist, hate-filled person who has the tendency to shout random obscenities/things at video games e.g. FIFA. Obscenities include 'Aids', 'you jebend' and 'you sweaty arab'. Having a strange hatred fo any good football players e.g Messi, Ibrahimovic
Lewis: Would you like to see my white cotton panties?
Kane: Oh god, he's doing a Salters
Lewis: Shut up Kane you dirty jebend, bet EA lick your arsehole like they do Messi.
by gibbotelli July 21, 2014
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Anal Alision
Bath Basher
Bed Basher
Anal Assasin
...its nuffing long.
Bath Bashing
Bed Bashing
Anal Assasing people.
by Blaise-ing Squad December 07, 2007
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A term used (diss) after insulting someone where the person then feels like an idiot. Usually said by a peanut gallery.
Guy1:Why the hell are you going out with Veronica? She's a fucking slut

Guy2:It's better than having no girl, are you sure you're not gay?

by ¿ManWithWords? April 27, 2009
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