A case of the liquid shits with particles resembling chunky style salsa. Making a chemistry professor weep, the substance from the anus contains liquid, solid and gas. Followed by multiple more liquid shits, this gewy poop is not as delightful as it looks, for the liquid element seeps into the pores surrounding the asshole and burns for minutes at a time.
Matt was swimming in Lou’s pool when he decided to pass gas. Surprised, Matt asked his friend Tom to watch his back for floaters while he exited the pool. Moving as fast as he could with two clenched butt cheeks Matt immediately jumped out of the pool knowing that he most likely soiled another pair of swim trunks. Locked inside the poolside bathroom, Matt confirmed that indeed their was a Salsa Bowl sitting in the webbing of his swim attire.
by Ctags August 09, 2006
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a retarded person; or one who "don't quite get it"
the trick is to mold an infants skull into a bowl shape while it's still soft so you and your pals can use it as a salsa bowl during Monday night football. The poor child will grow up retarded, but it was for a good cause.
by Brisko53 October 11, 2010
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Having pectus excavatum

Or a large unsightly cave is ones chest
MarkyMark's salsa bowl scares off all his potential mates, but he compensates with his amazing tan and muscles
by SashaMcDavies June 30, 2009
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