"Salope" is better translated as "slut" than as "bitch".
Bitch can better be translated as "chienne".
It is the general french word for a promiscuous woman.
It also carries a meaning of being egoistical and disrespectful of others. Like the english word "nasty", "salope" has two meanings : sexual promiscuity and egoistical behavior.
When used for the egoistical behavior caracterization only, it can be correctly translated by "bitch".
"Suce, salope!" -- "Suck, slut!"

"La patrone est une vraie salope" :
The female boss is a real bitch.
by toto le rototo October 17, 2006
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Means "bitch" in French. Comes from the word "sale", which means "filthy", "dirty".

Technically speaking, "salope" better translates as "slut" while "chipie" and "rosse" are better equivalents for an obnoxious, mean-spirited, psycho woman. But "salope" still works for mean women, and it can be used for a woman who is both hateful and easy.
Ann Coulter et Sarah Palin? Ces putains de salopes emploient leur "beauté" (soi-disante) pour promouvoir leurs travaux parce que leurs travaux ne suffisent pas tout seul.

(Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin? Those bitch whores use their (so-called) "beauty" to promote their work because their work doesn't cut it on its own.)
by Lorelili January 12, 2009
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generaly french for bitch, comes from the french "sale" durty in english.
in the french dictionary the definition of salope is "femme sale" durty woman
va te laver le cul salope!
go wash your ass bitch!

ta femme est une salope!
you wife is a bitch!
by netlock July 23, 2006
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Female name which refers to girls in general.
French word for Bitch
by I'm BOB March 6, 2005
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A stupid hoebag that has nothing better to do but have her numerous boyfriends smack her ass and fuck her all-day-long!?!!
'omg. Tiffany is totally a super hore!' said Mac.
'why dude' said J.
'because that salope slept with my brother' said Mac.
'oh.that Tiffany,we totally did it over the summer.'said J.
by skylr_super_sexy :) October 4, 2007
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A word in french creole that means literally, "nasty". However, it can be used as an exclamation.

It can also be used to describe someone who is promiscuous, filthy, or simply does not care. The word is predominantly used as an expletive in many former french colonies.
Joseph "Jack's girl has been sleeping with five guys behind his back."

John "Five guys! Where mate pick up that salop"

(Car Crash sounds) SALOP!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Dread, you slept with your girlfriends mother and her sister? Boy you really salop eh"
by De Invadah November 23, 2005
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Often preceded by "hees" (hees salop!) and could either be followed by laughter or amazement. A derogatory exclamation used by St.Lucians less than a second after something amazing, exciting or funny has occurred.(Equivalent to Jamaica's Bomboclatt) e.g. a vehicular accident, a fall, someone getting hit, a loud noise. "hees" may be repeated several times when it can be seen that an exciting moment is seconds away from happening. The word Salop is blurted out so involuntarily by St. Lucians that it is commonly referred to as the national word of St. Lucia.
*Person is running and is expected to fall* "hees, hees, hees" *person falls* "HEES SALOP!!"

*Nearby gun shot is heard* SALOP!

*During cricket the ball is bowled. As soon as it is batted "Hees SALOP" can b heard on impact.
by DeeOweEn Az Mafia May 12, 2009
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