the prettiest person ive ever seen id do anything to meet him they’re the sweetest and most perfect person ive ever met i would die to be in his presence
ro : oh yeah salem !!! i love him
by ro_tten September 11, 2021
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A Massachusetts city that is known for the Witch Trials, but tries to be recognized for their old maritime history. October is a crazy month, as Salem is promoted as "The Halloween Capital Of The World."
A true Salem resident hates tourists, but vendors love them
by pop_n_drop October 24, 2006
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a name of a person that is hot
“salem is so hot!”
by meliestheyic October 15, 2021
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The Capital of Oregon. There is NOTHING to do here. Life is boring and lame.
Salem, OR is a very boring city
by Will Baumann April 1, 2008
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the town in southern illinois known for the large amount of pot circulating in the hallways of the high school and the even larger amount of pregnancies. the skate park, family video, and old walmart are the hotspots. you do not want to go here. ever.
Person: Let's go to Salem, Illinois!
Person 2: FUCK THAT.
by asdffghfjk June 24, 2009
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hottest person ever. best leo in the whole world and literally loves all their mutuals.
by urfavelittleleo June 26, 2021
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Salem is an elite boarding school located in Southern Germany on Lake Constance. Founded in 1920 by Kurt Hahn, Salem is considered the best school in Germany and one of the most famous boarding schools in the world.

Today, students of Salem are arrogant rich kids who like to wear Polo shirts and Burberry scarves. They also like to visit the local pub Galgen and spend each about 300 Euros every night there.

Alumni includes the Queen of Spain and Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh.
Salemer, wo seid ihr?
by Ursula Maier October 23, 2007
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