Sackville a small town in New Brunswick Canada. Yes its name is Sackville!!!

Home of Mount Allison University is one of the best in all of Canada.
Confused individual: hey where do you go to school?

Student: I go to school in Sackville

Confused individual: No really?

Student: yea I know ball sack hahah... joke got old half way through 1st semester
by trooper pooer February 22, 2011
His pants were so tight, I couldn't help but notice sackville.
by Scout Elizabeth September 3, 2012
Step 1: Apply peanut butter to your anus.

Step 2: Engage your girlfriend/wife in anal sex.

Step 3: Call Fido, who will rim you whilst you bang your girlfriend.
Mom was shocked when she caught me, Maria, and Buster in a Sackville Deluxe.
by Peter Kelly April 16, 2005
1. An entity that can perform unrivalled acts of endurance masturbation

2. A person who can survive on a diet consisting solely of Milk and Easter Eggs
Boy 1: Where is Tom today?
Boy 2: I don't know, I think he has been in the toilets for 40 minutes.
Boy 1: Oh, he is such a Sackville-Hamilton
by CheekyCharlie108 March 7, 2009
In Sackville, a kiss is defined as giving someone a wicked BJ.
Your mom just gave me a Sackville Kiss
by Peter Guy November 6, 2006
An uneducated easy girl from the town of Sackville, Nova Scotia. May or may not be slutty, sometimes know as dirty. often has self esteem issues and/or daddy issues.
J-Bru - "You wanna battle, I'll attack your words and tell y'all n***** be easy like Sackville Girls." - Song by Local Artist J-Bru Makin' People Say

Ralph - "look at her you can tell shes taken more dicks then birthdays."
Cody - "She's definitely a Sackville girl."
by Slingblade534 May 29, 2011