A term used retardedly by a minortiy of south americans most likely pueruvians. It supposedly means "uhoh" or "cool" was first hear by the common Julio.
Queer1:i got a 100 on my S.A.T score
Queer2" Uh Oh Saca
by Julio Pios November 01, 2003
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dumb; originated from Andres R.
That book is saca!
by Eric August 04, 2003
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A term used in spanish meaning to “take out” but not used as in taking out someone lol but as telling someone to give you something you know they have. For example, your friend has food, you hungry, so you go up to them and say “Yo, saca food... Im hungry”. It may be cringy at some points but you get inside jokes and it become hilarious.

Saca definition for saca
Guy #1: Bruh I didn’t do my homework and its due next period...I only answered one question.

Guy #2: ...

Guy #1: I know you did it... saca answers fool

Guy #2: aight aight
by Saca Food April 24, 2018
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