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Straightedge. It has the same basic principle (no drink, no drugs, no fuck) for all followers, but each person makes it their own. Some examples: some sXe people choose to be vegans or vegetarians, abstain from caffeine, save sex for marriage (as opposed to a serious, committed relationship). Straightedge has NOTHING to do with violence (in fact, most straightedgers discourage it) or religion (that's a personal belief). Some people say that taking medications is not straightedge, however, others will argue that sXe is all about taking care of yourself, and refusing legitimate medications is counter-productive to the general ideology.
Straightedge is a way to find unity with peers who have the same drug-free ideas as you, and many aspects differ from person to person.
by Annah June 30, 2004
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An explative, usually used instead of "Fuck." Also another name for "Doomtrain" on Final Fantasy VIII.
"Aw, Fahooganoog! My toenail's falling off!"
"That fahooganoog! He stole my bra!"

"Shut the fahooganoog up, you fahooganoog!"
by Annah August 24, 2004
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nickname for annah when she is horny
anzies wants to grind and hook up tonight
by Annah November 18, 2004
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