A sign of love- a retarded looking heart
I s2 you- I heart you- I love you
by muaha July 8, 2003
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Semester 2.

The Second semester / half in a school year.
I hated s2 last year. It was a drag.

s2 of last year was gay, had the worst teacher.
by Liam Watson August 15, 2007
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Acronym for "Sucks to Suck," as in it is incredibly disappointing that one performs at a substandard level, but there is nothing one can do about it.
Boy: "Woah, I just failed my first med school test"

Girl: "Dude, S2S"
by fashonpundoc July 7, 2012
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It's a heart. It is not a retarded heart like stated above.
I S2 U. I love you.
by idk349532 March 13, 2008
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A variation of sry2say, meaning sorry to say.
white person: s2s but you're a homo
black person: LMAO YOU ARENT S2S
by mike tree November 3, 2006
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shit-to-shower: when you have such a violent, #mezzy dump that you just have to rip off all your clothes, poop, and then waddle straight into the shower. no amount of toilet paper or moist towelettes in the world will help you.
"I ate wayyyy toooo much on that European Feast on the Royal Caribbean cruise, I had to pull an s2s...& then hit the club"
by licoricepirate February 5, 2016
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