Guy 1: Dude, why are you drawing a picture of your balls?
Guy 2: Just for S's and g's.
by JJ Hard-on December 29, 2007
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Acronym for Sweet Wholesome Gal/Girl. From Ryan Higa's song, S. W. G.
A sweet wholesome girl basically isn't a slut.
Can also be abbreviated SWG, S.W.G. or S W G.
I love girls who wear long skirts and have straight A's
Don't you mean an S. W. G.?
by That One Female Gamer November 23, 2014
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used as a question on online chat website, it asks the loaded "Straight/Gay/Bi"?
person 1 "hi"
person 2 "heyy"
person 1 "asl?"
person 2 "14/ m/ texas. hbu"
person 1 "14/ f/ Cali"

person 1 "s/b/g?"
person 2 "g"
person 1 "hmmm... I see....."
by cmsg December 24, 2010
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Tony and I prank-called Alex for S&G.
by darkstar69 May 3, 2009
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when u get a rash on ur sack and gooch
Guy 1: I dont know what that thing is on my sack and gooch but it hurts!
Guy 2 : Oh man haha you have a rosag!
by zach March 23, 2005
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an abbrevation of "for shits and giggles".
after i caramell dansed in front of the target in hazel dell i told everyone my reason for doing it was for "S & G"
by theonlywhitewolf July 11, 2008
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