Short word for: Right

Used on chat
1: You go this side, i'll go back, ryt?
2: ok i get it
by Zoddex October 29, 2007
(can be spelled rit also)
1) an ugly girl
2) a girl who is hot save for a single part of her face that makes her ugly (chin, nose etc.)
"awww she's rit"
"awww she's ryt"
by (©_©) April 7, 2015
a person that does not have anything to say back so they just say o ryt
by XoCHEUNGoX May 12, 2009
RYT M8 is a greeting from one ledgend to another. The RYT M8 is accompanied with a thumbs up in either the horizontal or vertical position.
Liam: RYT M8
(thumbs up horizontally)

Sean: Hiya Smokey
by heycambychad April 11, 2009
is like say right now really shorty!
watcha doin' ryt now!
by xXpabsXx December 5, 2008