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A yearly gathering of RU students and friends to celebrate the end of the school year. Drinking is a definite. Eating is a plus. After consumption of beer and food, bands in a lineup of mixed genres perform. It doesn't end there, unofficially, Rutgersfest continues on frat row and extends throughout campuses at house parties, dorms, bars, and restaurants.
"Who do you think is playing at rutgersfest?"
"Idk, they'll announce it at the silent rave(formally free hot dog day)"
by Nesmunoz April 17, 2009
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Daytime obliteration at its finest.

Free yearly concert thrown by Rutgers University for the students that is open to the public as well.

Some previous acts include Kanye West, Third Eye Blind, Everclear, Sugar Ray, Fabolous, Ludacris, Reel Big Fish, Method Man, Fuel, N.E.R.D, Talib Kweli, Brand New, Motion City Soundtrack and more.

Apparently there are also carnival rides, moon bounces--other stuff like that. Sounds great, but unfortunately another Rutgersfest tradition includes getting so shitfaced on College Ave Campus that you miss the concert altogether.

It's all good though, we'll get em next year.
(A week before)

"The Rutgersfest lineup this year is awesome, we need to get our shit together and make it to the concert this time. Seriously."

(Monday morning after Rutgersfest weekend)

"I cannot believe we missed the concert again. We fucking suck. But that was one of the most ridiculous weekends of my life.
by CrazyOldMauriceHm April 10, 2011
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A day where rutgers provides free entertainment to its students. They have groups such as pit bull 3OH!3 and brand new play on stages. They also have small carnival rides and lots of fun stuff for students and friends.

Students take this as a day to party. Fraternities start drinking in the morning and have bbq's all day, other students just drink all day.

During this great day for students, people from new Brunswick (townies) and others from NJ cities come in to party. They cause trouble and are often gang affiliated. On Rutgersfest, the town of New Brunswick becomes unsafe due to these Hoodrats.
RutgersFest 2011 was a great party until non affiliated hoodrats came and started trouble. 4 confirmed shot, multiple stabbings, small riots, tons of fights, looting, cars set on fire (one was flipped), and countless other illegal activities. New Brunswick called in police from all nearby towns, and the two local hospitals St Peter's and RWJ ran out of ambulances because of these occurrences.
by rutgers students unite April 18, 2011
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The one day of the year where all the students of Rutgers University stay indoors after dark and watch the citizens of new brunswick and their friends roam the streets and do hood rat things from second and third story windows.
Dude check it out! Four guys just tackled some kid into the front of a moving car! Now they decked the cop trying to break it up!

Pardon me officer, but was the individual who just started the fight with our entire fraternity from Rutgers? No? We figured.

Holy Shit!! Those guys just lit a car on fire!

Hey You! Don't pee on the Nissan Maxima!

They must be freshmen, they're outside during rutgersfest.
by Joe Venis April 16, 2011
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noun: event in which all students attending Rutgers University, a state university of New Jersey, drink excessive amounts of cheap beer, roast pigs and openly share and contract any number of the hundreds of STDs for which Rutgers is famously known to incubate. It is surmised that one of the residence halls on the Rutgers-New Brunswick campus was a hot zone for some of the more serious epidemics of sexually transmitted diseases of the mid-90s.
"Dude, Rutgersfest '08 was fucking insane. After I polished off 3 cases of Natty Ice, I ate a fuckin' pig eye and woke up in the bathtub with that chubby chick from Alpha Mega Ho. There's a bitemark on my elbow and my balls are really itchy, but It was fucking awesome. I think."
by Lilly Caitlyn Gorman Jr May 03, 2008
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