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Slang term for a toilet stall (or house bathroom) that has been temporarily rendered uninhabitable/unusable by a rank odor or other ‘residue’ resulting from recent usage. The etiquette, if you’re the perpetrator, is to warn a prospective user (on your way out) that he might want to select another stall (if there is more than one available). Creation of a ‘hot zone’ could possibly be averted by use of ‘the courtesy flush’ if one is having a particularly robust ‘movement’. Light a match, will’ya?
Example – “Hey Steve – you might want to pick another stall – I had a bean burrito for lunch, and that one’s still a hot zone”


“I had to go all the way down to the sixth floor to go to the bathroom – the one in Accounting was a hot zone and I couldn’t deal with it.”
by J. Russell Finch July 01, 2010
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