russian mafias
'' Those Ruskies beat the ms 13 last year ''
by sham69 September 25, 2008
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(n.) One of Russian nationality, extended sometimes to include former soviet union states such as the Ukraine
Contrary to what some people think, the word 'ruskie' or 'rusky' was not coined during the cold war, but the crimean war in which the Ottomans fought Russia, later joined by France and the United Kingdom.

Fun fact: The Crimean campaign was the only war France won in the 19th century; the beggining of the french military victories joke
by Kung-fu Jesus July 17, 2004
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A Russian person. A person of Russian descent.

The term is affectionate, not disparaging.
Igor the Ruskie is coming over to play chess this afternoon. Would you like a game with him.
by Tuna Wanda May 14, 2005
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(n) plural. Means Russian nation in Russian language. Russkie = Russian people = Russians.
Ruskie zhivut v Rossii = Russians live in Russia :)
by Venera April 25, 2007
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Definition: Slang for russian.

(not racist because russians are not a race)
Hi Ruski
by Ad Pop October 16, 2010
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UK based Artist / Musician / Photographer / Graphic Designer / Exhibitionist
Ruski !!!
by Russian for Russian November 15, 2011
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Russian P.O.W.s during WW2 were described as being "rusky" or "rusked up". It's another way of saying "husky". Anyone that knows a Russian can confirm this. It's a bi product of the Russian Physical Education curriculum.
Powerlifters look rusky.
by Daystrom May 14, 2011
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