1. "ruined".. with a country, southern, and - pretty traditional accent

2. "spoiled" like Veruca Salt in 'Charlie & the Chocolate Factory'.. Still very country, Southern and traditional.
1. I tore up the car and now it's rurnt..

2. This grandbaby of mine is gonna be rurnt!

by Corky, I'm Corky! April 14, 2007
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past tense of ruin, the ultimate downfall, the worst
kelly thinks she looks deck in that tube top, but her chest is just rurnt.
by donald October 08, 2003
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A adjective that typically is used to describe a greasy girl aka a butterface. This can also be used to describe something that’s just gross
She looks rurnt today
Omg that’s so rurnt

That girl is rurnt asf
by UareRurnt March 15, 2019
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