This is a phrase used to describe running upt to a person to fight them and done up refers to getting beat up this phrase originated in Dallas, Texas
If you run up then you will get done up!!!
by Tiffany May 10, 2004
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Sometimes stylized as "run up, get done up". It is a warning given out to those that seem to be contemplating making a violent move against a person or group.

Run up, in this situation, is referring to someone "running up" on another person with the intention of fighting or jumping said person.

In the given context, Done up refers to someone being on the receiving end of a beating.

To put it simply, it means "You can run up on me and try to attack me if you would like, but if you do I'm going to kick your ass."
"Do I look fucking scared to you? Run up and get done up, pussy!"
by ohword? July 19, 2020
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sell someone out, run up on them and get yo ass knocked out.
Rafael you selling out, well run up and get done up.
by ventrall wright April 13, 2005
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a phrase used by many people basicaly meaning say something and get your ass whipped. its usualy said by "gangster" people in areas with poverty.
I was looking at Tyrece in the hallway and he told me to run-up get done-up. im going to the guidance counsler!
by T-rizzle Dizzle January 17, 2009
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Basically furiousfade the youtuber made this famous. RUN UP GET DONE UP
"you seen that one dude talkin all that hot sh**, run up get done up vibes around this bih"
by trey555 May 21, 2021
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