1.An excuse for European and Australian men to molest each other under the guise of sport.

2. The most caveman like sport on the planet.
Wow, rugby players sure like to grab each other.
by LimeyCocksuckers April 03, 2006
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1) A Death Sport
1) A sport where when you lose, they beat you with rugs. And you die.
3) A word that's on my shirt.
When he lost his rugby game ... he was beaten with rugs.
by Mer!!! September 21, 2003
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I'm so fucking tired of people saying Football is "Soft Rugby". Now think about this, imagine if your watching a Rugby game, only that all the players had Motorcycle Helmets and VERY hard shoulder pads made of hard plastic. The tackles would be 10x as hard with these items on. While I will admit that these things DO make the tackler feel less pain when they tackle an opposing player, it DOES make the person recieving the tackle hurt A LOT more.

Not only that, but the game of Rugby contains no strategy whatsoever. While in Football, you have to memorize over 400+ plays and 17 Formations and you have to do it PERFECTLY. Like for instance, your a Wide Reciever and the QB says "42 red Right" you must know EXACTLY what rout your going to take, whether it's a hook, slant, straight, etc. None of that in Rubgy, you could be a complete dumbass and still be succesful in Rugby, that's not true with football.
Rugby should be renamed "Soft Football With NO Strategy"
by Geeter August 23, 2006
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A sport involving extremely drunk Englishmen. Like hockey, but way lamer, and unpadded, thereby resulting in excessive pain. Oh yeah, they also go about 100 miles an hour (that's 160.9 kph for you europussies) in hockey, thereby proving the supreme dominance of the Sport.

Europeans, especially the English, have a deep-seated desire for rugby to truly be the most manly sport ever. Soccer, or "football" (see idunno's definition of american football,) can also be used to fit this position. Unfortunately, this is a misconception, based on the Europeans' internal fears of inferiority to the Americans.
Englishman: Rugby is a man's sport. Football and American Football are gay.

Frenchman: Football is a man's sport. Rugby and American Football are gay.

rugby player 1: "omg! THE PAIN! OWWW"
rugby player 2: "that's so sadomasochistic! mm mm mm!"
football player: "i need a manicure"
american football player: "*buuuurp*"
by binary132 October 16, 2004
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an exciting, open, 13 players per team game. not to be confused with a mind numbing game known as union (see kick and clap )
if (num_players==15) {
}else if (num_players==13){
by jonny "rah rah" wilkinson March 12, 2005
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A game less popular in England than Football, but more popular in 3rd world countries like Wales, who cant football. (and when i say football i mean FOOTBALL, in its original sense... not in its queer arse American sense)
Rugby sucks, Football for ever
by 4bseh October 08, 2004
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Noun: (See also eggchasing)
A bizzare sport played with a ball shaped like an egg that bounces oddly.

Created after some guy was so rubbish at football he picked it up and ran with it at private Rugby School, England, also known as Toff's Palace. Also known as 'the Darkest day in Sport' ever.

The idea of Rugby is to run the egg over the tryline of the opposing team. Alternative points can be scored by kicking the egg between two goalposts (H-shaped) at the ends of the rectangular pitch.

NB: Rugby is a terrible sport. The reasons why follow:

- Is the only sport I know that actually ENCOURAGES you to fall on another man's rear
- The ball is the wrong shape
- Played by snobs who call it 'rugger'
- People pretend its an international sport when really only '6 nations' (4 of which are currently or where part of Great Britain) can be arsed to turn up in the whole of Europe (even San Marino cobble together a team for football, 16 countries make up the European Championships in football) and the only other countries who care about rugby are in the Commonwealth - Great Britain owns them!
- Has two forms to disgrace our TV screens with - Union and League
- You can kick the egg out of play for your benefit (?)
- Anyone under 6'0" can't really get involved

Overall, rugby is crap. England are current world champions beating mighty forces in world sport such as Georgia and Romania to the final. A game for closet homosexuals who like to feel men up when in a scrum.

Play proper sports that are truly international like golf, tennis and football. Ditch the ugly blot of 'sport' that is rugby.
For God's sake ... Grandstand have Rugby on all day again. Turn on Soccer Saturday - a proper sport everyone cares about!
by Oxford Lad June 03, 2005
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