Waiting for my ruca to call...
by SublimeFanLBC September 7, 2003
The one girl, that you would choose over every other
Your true love is your ruca
by Bills822 April 12, 2006
A True love. Was first said by sublime in (waiting for my ruca) Which stated it meant girlfriend or True lover. Its meaning is different for each speaker.
by Slidic May 29, 2005
often refered as true love. Used in a sublime song, waiting for my ruca. Also known as a southern california clothing brand spelled RVCA.
waiting for my ruca.
I want that ruca shirt.
by jakesteezy February 19, 2008
A girl that is more than friends with benefits, but not quite your girlfriend. Usually the stage a relationship is at right before dating. Even though you guys aren't official, you'd still be pissed at her if you found out she was dating another guy
Andrew- Yo man is that girl you've been hanging around with your new girlfriend?
Rich- No, not yet, she's still just a ruca.
by Richerry Walker June 2, 2006
A homegirl or girlfriend.
A woman who is considered to be old.
"Call my ruca on the phone, let her know I'm home alone."

Damn, my grandma just turned 75. Ya esta bien ruca.
by Dub44018 November 4, 2005
Guatemalan slang. A hot girl, but a degrading way to say it. Kind of like saying "that's my gangsta bitch."
Now she's my ruca...
by cookiethewaitress March 28, 2005