A True love. Was first said by sublime in (waiting for my ruca) Which stated it meant girlfriend or True lover. Its meaning is different for each speaker.
by Slidic May 28, 2005
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In Spanish means old maid or older single woman.
In Chicano Slang it is mostly a derogatory term meaning older woman. Also means a tried woman, as in having been through the trials of life and living.
Can also mean an older woman of the barrio or older chola.

Meant to describe a girlfriend that has stayed by her boyfriend's side through difficult times, with an affectionate undertone. Also, to describe in light, derogatory (sometimes affectionate) terms a tried or worn woman no matter the age, identifying her presumed life experience.

When the older cholos referred to their girlfriends, they meant that they've been hanging around for a while. Better translated as 'old lady' as in "I'm a hang with my old-lady today."
El chango is hanging with his ruca and his kids at the car show.

El morro se agarro una bien ruca! (The youngster got himself an older/worn woman!)

She's been smoking since she was a kid, she's only 19 pero ya esta bien ruca. (but she's already old)
by gzr July 10, 2008
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'rü-kah; (noun) Etymology: Chicano Slang 1: a frequent or regular female companion in a romantic or sexual relationship.
Who you trying to get freaky with ese, don't you know that's my Ruca?
by Michael Parr April 16, 2008
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often refered as true love. Used in a sublime song, waiting for my ruca. Also known as a southern california clothing brand spelled RVCA.
waiting for my ruca.
I want that ruca shirt.
by jakesteezy February 19, 2008
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The brand RVCA. Pronounced "Roo-Kah," commonly misread and pronounced as R V C A because the logo replaces the U with a V.
"Oh nice you got sponsored by RVCA."

"No, dude, it's pronounced 'Ruca'"
by -BJ Penn July 18, 2009
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