The act of going to the receiving end of a glory hole and pulling as hard as you can on someone's penis until it beings to look like a rubber garden hose
I was catching some dome at a glory hole when the asshole gripped and ripped. Made my shit look like a rubber hose
by Unusually Large Meat July 8, 2017
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1920's slang for the act of using heroine.
My grandma told me that back in the day, her and her girlfriends would rubber hosing behind the bowling alley, and get really fucked up.
by Bip Bip Daniels February 3, 2011
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Having sex even though you are completely flaccid.
Middle Aged Man 1: How was your night with Martha? Did you use the sildenafil I gave you?

Middle Aged Man 2: Nope. We went Rubber Hosing.

Middle Aged Man 1: What the fuck.
by GiveMeGrape December 8, 2019
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an art style used mostly used in the 1920's and 1930's. it has the most cartoon logic ever and has a lot of sexualized stereotype girls in it for some reason.
person 1: "the Rubber hose style sure is weird!"
person 2 "you can say that again 🙄😒"
by Maxinezz May 31, 2023
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Used by Vinny Barbarino, in welcome back kotter, as a scape-goat for extreme frustration, or backed into a corner and no intellegent answer is thought of.
by justin vs December 14, 2007
A specific shade of Black used in cartoon during the 1920's and early 1930's
Those Toons with Rubber Hose Black limbs!
by Super Bower October 15, 2022
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