return the favor. sometimes used on myspace if someone wants you to comment there pic they will have i will rtf.
If i comment her picture she said she would rtf.
by Paul E T August 12, 2007
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Ready to fight.
Used in the streets as a shorter version of, "I got your back." Can also be used as a threat to someone.
Bro, I'm rtf for you.
by TheLostBokey March 25, 2011
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Ready to Fuck- expression of being ready and willing to undertake a task or participate in an event.

also used in a sexual context as an affirmation of one's desire to fuck.

PS. When used between two males in the first context, the no homo is implied.
Dude it's beer pong time, RTF?

(Just before leaving for the night) Yo bro you ready to fuck?
by Akthalian April 6, 2009
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Run To Failure. The act of continuing to use aged and undermaintained equipment in an effort to take advantage of business accounting tax laws regarding depreciation of equipment, which then allow degrading systems to 'Deepwater Horizon' or 'West Pharmaceutical Services Dust Explosion' themselves with corporate assistance often causing death, injury, and catastrophic economic and environmental consequences causing cascading drops in relevant markets with perhaps privately predictable results (depending on the accuracy of things like MTBF of points of ciritical failure).
"Why are they RTFing the main production line already? We can't even get new bearings for the high-speeds! There's still millions in the burn pool, We're on trajectory! It makes no sense"
"Oh, rumor has it they 'owe themselves money' from their other 'interests' so they're going to do a dip-and-flip and rename us. That's why the crane is parked out there at $40K a day not doing anything. They SNAFUd the announcement and now all 20 letters of their new sign are spread out along the Jersey Turnpike like the Hulk got mad at the Hollywood sign."
"Oh. But won't those bearings fail.. right after the 'takeover' and then..."
"Long vacation around that so we miss it when it happens?"
"MTBF on that bearing set?"
"June? Vacation in Maui?"
"Guess so. Won't want to be here."
"Hope they got double-indemnity."
by leftiger March 18, 2019
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Read The Fucking Source

Relating to computer programming, tells someone to look at the obvious (the source) to find an answer.

Derived from RTFM
a>What functions are available in the ABCD library?
b>RTFS, noob!
by Sol Invictus January 19, 2005
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Guest: i cant find out where or how to start the game theres no icon nad im starting to not know what im doing... lol

User: RTFS. (Possible link to thread with stickies)
by An8BitWarlock July 8, 2005
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Abbreviated form of the phrase Reverse Titty Fuck where the man places his ass in the woman's face, recieving a rim job as he precedes to titty fuck the woman and ejaculate on her chest.
Jen seemed pretty open to new sex positions, so I RTF'ed her and gave her a taste of my chocolate starfish.
by Ivanation March 19, 2007
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