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When you hook up with a straight up pooch and don't want to look at her dirty mug while you are titty fucking her, you sit on her face instead of her chest and do your business while your crack slides up and down her chin. If you're lucky, she will obtain a brown streak on her face, starting from her chin and leading up to her hair line.
Ted hadn't wiped his ass for weeks and left a stinky brown line on carols face when he gave her a reverse titty fuck on their anniversary.
by T_Heard February 11, 2009
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Much like the normal titty fuck except the male is in a reverse position so his ass is now sitting on the face of his bitch. After blowing his load all over his chest he then proceeds to take a huge dump in her mouth. Usually done to chicks who are hot, but are bitches and deserve it. Referred to often as the reverse T-F
Yo I can't stand that check Alexa, but she is smokin hot and she was all over me so I gave that Bitch a reverse titty fuck.
by T.J. Bahtsevanos April 27, 2006
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