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To plan for something, such as an event, a season, a job, etc. to point of exhaustion and psychosis and to try to control every little detail while achieving a bloated sense of accomplishment and pride in a job well planned only to have a factor outside your control completely fuck you over minutes before your big win resulting in your having wasted time, energy and money. In the true and complete definition of the word, the subject of the roysing will experience uncomfortable, unsightly and uncontrollable geographic skin blotches, involuntary myoclonic jerks, twitching, homicidal rage (often misplaced on nearby persons) and potentially an exploding head.
She had planned for months and had finally devised a perfect plan to quit her job in spectacular fashion. Every last detail was in place and a new six-figure job was lined up. Unfortunately, upon arriving at work that day, she was embarrassingly fired and received a phone call minutes later relaying the message that her new job had been given to someone else. She had never felt so roysed in her entire life.

He hoped his worst enemy would be roysed in the worst possible way.

I am really lucky. I never seem to find myself roysed.
by Jimmy Ray Sanderson July 31, 2017
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