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a whore who likes to get with others while they’re in a relationship
by blizzard123 September 04, 2018
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Prominicous female, otherwise known as a slut, whore, or ho-bag. A female who very much enjoys sex.
Amanda is such a thottie, I caught her with Julia's daddy.
by DatGirl April 26, 2014
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A girl that sleeps around with a numerous amount of guys.
This thottie was fucking Dayquan yesterday and now she's fucking Marquise
by HoodGirl💕 March 27, 2015
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Thottie is a derivative of the word thot. Unlike a thot a thottie is cute, but won't ever admit she's a thot. When you want to exaggerate the word thottie you drop the "ie" and instead use a "y", when typed as thotty the first y is usually followed by multiple "y"'s, for ex: "You're such a thottyyyyy.,.". Thotties love to toy with emotions much like their cousin the common thot. Thotties are much more loyal than a thot, but still fall victim to entertaining multiple niggas.
Names of Thotties :
Kai - "Bro this girl is supa fine"
Noah - "She acts like a thottie though"
Kai - "It's aight though, because she's loyal"
Noah - "True, but only if she drops all them niggas"
Kai - "You just mad because she won't date you"
Noah - "I don't want no lil thottie anyways"
by NKGucci May 24, 2018
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