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Royced is an abbreviation for 'Royally F*cked'. Most commonly associated with alcohol. May lead to shouting at inanimate objects.
Guy 1: Holy shit i got royced last night.
Guy 2: Yeah man, 2 bottles of Tequila and you started shouting at the walls!
Drunk Pissed
by HarryAlmighty September 03, 2016
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To be used by a friend so they can save money.
Dude 1: Hey let's go to a dollar theater movie!
Dude 2: Ok, how about X-men at Cineplex?
Dude 1: We always go there, let's go to Movies, Movies instead.
Dude 2: But that's an hour away!
Dude 1: C'mon it'll be fun!
Dude 2: All right.

Upon arriving at the theater Dude 1 whips out a coupon for free admission to the dollar theater. Dude 2 is stuck paying for gas and admission...Dude 2 just got royced.
by saltine356 September 26, 2006
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