Slutty, in the sense of rounded heels for easy positioning on the back. Archaic, but rather useful. Think of a skanky weeble.
by Brian X September 11, 2003
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n: A promiscuous person, usu. a promiscuous female. See "slut", etc.

More commonly used in the 1950's, this term has fallen into general disuse, but may still be heard in fiction that takes place in that era, or in circles that consider retro-talk cool.
"I wouldn't trust that little roundheels as far as I could throw her."
by Trash Can Jack February 10, 2005
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somebody who doesn't mind about having sex with everybody
-She is a real roundheels.All my friends fucked her last night.
by PaulMcKey September 27, 2009
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old fashion' adjective to describe a whore or someone who falls into bed easily.
by Thack22 June 8, 2006
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