1:a condom covered with spikes enhancing sexual experience for the female, sometimes pain
2:Someone who prefers dry anal or vaginal sex, or is extra rough with intercourse
1:dude, bobby wore that rough rider, holy shit! i had multiple climaxes!
2:man! sarah's a rough rider!
by leon phelps December 7, 2003
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A released prisoner on a public transportation bus that goes to jail or jail release facilities.
The Wards Island bus had even more rough riders than the bus coming from Rikers.
by William Gilbert August 17, 2005
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When one dips their dong in sand in order to create a more intense bang out
Lil Timmy was tired of the same loose hooker so he gave her the rough rider

Henry told the dirty mexican whore to clean the sand out of her vag from her previous rough rider
by Johnny Cal April 4, 2008
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When you are doing a girl from behind and she rips a fart, forcing you to cover your nose with your shirt like a bandana and hold on to her hair so you don't pass out.
I was banging this stanky ho doggy style and she dropped such major ass it turned into a rough rider.
by jtr August 25, 2004
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n., Adj., (sexual): A person who excels in sex, a good lay, a ride, a sex god.
Oh man, Jodi is a rough rider. I should tap that again tonight.

Girli, look at that guy? You think he looks funny, but he's a rough rider, Brenda had him last week. She couln't walk straight for three days. Dibs.
by abragag December 5, 2008
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The act of taking a shit facing the opposite way on the toilet with your arms resting on the tank, simulating riding a bucking bronco.
Larry: Last night I was able to do my homework while taking a shit.
Chuck: Really? Did you have to use a clipboard or something?
Larry: Nah man, I pulled a rough rider, that's how I take all my shits.
by Floydtibbs July 6, 2009
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