1.A term used mostly by heterosexual males to describe engaging in sexual intercourse with a female or multiple females.
2.A term used to describe doing something quickly.
1.I'm gonna get drunk and bang out Jessica tonight.
2.I gotta bang out a term paper tonight.
by Paul December 29, 2005
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Bang out: To be a massive try hard at one particular aspect. Often coming along side being a teacher pet and/or a neek. Usually used as banter between friends
Definiton: 'You actually did the spanish homework, you absolute bang out.'
by Beccabarden123 November 22, 2016
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1. to fuck a girl so hard shes worn out
2. to stomp someone out or beat them badly.
1. Imma bang out that girl tonight.
2. That kids a pussy I m gonna bang him out!
by Alz February 27, 2005
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"You tryin' to bang out?"
by Zack December 8, 2002
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n - a shooting or something done to someone causing serious bodily harm

v - to shoot or seriously injure someone

adj - (banged out) killed or hurt badly
"After we left tha club we seen a bang out in tha parking lot"

"That nigga stepped on my white on whites, I'm bout to bang out"

"If you want beef you can get banged out wit em"
by s dot hood March 8, 2006
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In Philly - this means to wreck your car.
by phillybychoice September 14, 2011
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