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A sexual position similar to the spitroast, rotisserating involves 2 males and a female. However, rather than using a full-sized female, a midget is used as the target to increase the sense of team-bonding and friendship between two male friends.
The act of rotisserating starts by the midget being in all fours and receiving vaginal or anal penetration from one male, whilst giving oral pleasure to the other. When the males feel comfortable, they stand up onto their feet, thus getting the midget completely off the ground. Some strength is required from both the males and the midget here(primarily from the males), as the majority of the weight will be applied to the penis. One of the males then rotates the midget around in such a manner that resembles a whole chicken on a rotisserie, thus gaining pleasure without any thrusting motion.
Once the midget has been "cooked" thoroughly, to finish off, the males ejaculate all over the midget, thus creating the "gravy sauce" effect.
Man 1: "So how do u spitroast a midget?"
Man 2: "You don't. Have you ever heard of rotisserating?"
Man 1: "That was awesome!"
Man 2: "Yeah man! Hi-5!!"
Man 1: "WooO! It made me hungry though. KFC?"
by Stealth Johnson May 04, 2007
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