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Do be taken advantage of or coerced into doing something you are not aware you are doing.
by greenestofhills March 10, 2011
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Adj/N. Becoming so inebriated, traditionally off Smirnoff but any alcohol is acceptable, that you perform the following acts in successive weekends: 1. get your head slammed into a brick wall 2. nail a fat chick 3. make out with a 35 year old mom 4. fall down a stairwell with no injuries 5. get taken to the hospital because you are so drunk the cops think you're on drugs
I got rossed last night.
He wasn't drunk, he was rossed.
by Wadswoof Barkington August 17, 2011
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to murk/to kill a joke
to repeat something many times
"dude, you rossed it"
"awww, rossed it!"
"Tell him to stop rossing it!"
"this morning my mom said to pick up the clothes a hundred times, she rossed it soo bad!"
by David Rachamim November 09, 2009
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When your boss, business associate, friend, lover or other person you trust does something to cause harm to you in ways that may be personal or professional with long lasting affect
ex: I was rossed hard and raw when my boss turned in my proposal under his name and was promoted for "his" hard work and never once mentioned my name.

ex: I got rossed when my girlfriend left me for my best friend.
by I Got Rossed August 03, 2008
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To be ridiculed behind your back by people you thought were your good friends, who were in fact, childish and immature and can’t own up to the fact that they are jackals the moment your turn your back and will throw any insult because it makes them feel superior when instead true people are up front about their feelings and aren’t two-faced cowards, and true friends will stick with you without comments behind your back despite your flaws and if not they’re not your friends and have no business knowing you.
"Rossed means you played well, it's nothing bad"
by truesome January 09, 2006
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When a man's wife "comes out of the closet" as a lesbian and divorces her husband; like what happened to Ross on Friends.
Did you hear about Sally? She totally Rossed her husband. She came out of the closet and wants a divorce so she can live with her girlfriend.
by "Rossed" in OC September 01, 2008
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