when two males kick each other in the nuts usually over something the used loser is the one who gives up or says I quit or screen
what you meant played roshambo and underwear over who's going to play Grand Theft Auto 5 first
by asskickassss December 29, 2013
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Paper Rock Skizors, its french you retards.
*punches you in the boob*
Ok, my turn... ROSHAMBO!
by PBR June 08, 2004
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when people fight by kicking each other in the nuts. it ends when somebody falls to the ground.
ill roshambo you for 5 bucks if i win you pay me if you win i pay you
by neon deion November 14, 2006
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Sport practice in the Thai underground by bloodsport professionals. Often these elite warriors will have augmentations performed on themselves, such as recieving teflon implants, or eurthra enfrocement.
Pat: I challenge you to a Roshambo, winner taks all.
by richardhuntah May 09, 2005
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When two people are disputing or having argument over an object or item. It is a game/challenge which two people take turns to kick each other in the nuts. The winner is the person who is left standing and he/she wins the argument or dispute.
Hey i saw it first..

NO you didn't..

Yes i did..

Well lets roshambo for it you inuiet!!
by TeazOne December 15, 2010
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An effect presented by mentalist Dave koenig (AKA Slim King) involing Remote Viewing from any distance.
Slim has ROSHAMBOed people from all around the world, like Australia, Kenya, even India!
Slim can Roshambo on the internet or even the phone.
"You will be ROSHAMBOed!"
by J ackalope February 06, 2008
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