Super Gaming Bros. A Let's play channel run by two brothers and a best friend

Juan "John" Ortis: The leader, plays most games on the channel

Elliot Cancel: John's younger Brother and lead, editor, infamously known for failing at platformers

Matthew Matelli: John's best friend and RPG player, known for his comedy
SGB intro:

John: "Greetings ladies and gentlemen, I'm Johnny."

Elliot: "I'm Elliott."

Matt: "I'm Matt."

Johnny: "And we are the Super Gaming Bros!"
by Sergeantmajormario SMM August 12, 2018
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Show Me,Give Me,Buy Me

A S.G.B is a person who cares about people for his/her own profit.

SGB people are very materialist.
"I'm Sorry James! But i think you're too blind to see that your girlfriend is a S.G.B! Don't you see that she only cares for you when you're giving gifts to her?"

"Damn Holly! My friend Josh is a real S.G.B! He only calls me when he needs me to drive him somewhere and give him some money!"
by U.Bee December 09, 2007
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