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To punch someone in the nuts. This is in contrast to roshambo-ing which refers to kicking someone in the nuts.
If you keep it up, you're going to get a junkpunch!
by Biggiehaines November 16, 2006
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v. The act of punching a person, usually male, in the genital area. Also can be abbreviated to JP.
by Massimo2112 September 04, 2007
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to punch someone in the vagina or penis.

they must deserve it.
I got so mad at that hoe i wanted to give her a junkpunch.

"oww my balls hurt!"
"tori just gave me a junkpunch!"
by Tori Tampon December 05, 2008
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The act of punching someone, male, in the balls.
*after junkpunch*

Guy: "Why?!"

Girl: "You know why!"
by Ohbabyy. November 14, 2009
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N. The result of a Mt Dew dependent little kid winding up and socking a male adult in the family jewels.
The stunned man stood the rest of the day in the soccer penalty shot position out of fear that the little spider monkey kid would lay another junk punch on him.
by CruiseDirector February 25, 2010
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