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WBSDHMITNOF is an acronym for Whiffle Ball Standoff Don't Hit Me In The Nuts or Face. This game was developed in the summer of 2007 on the beaches of Wildwood, NJ. This game evolved in two stages out of a normal game of Whiffle Ball. The first stage was a game similar to dodgeball except that the size of the court is much smaller and Whiffle Balls are used instead of dodgeballs. The next stage came about after people began to realize how much pain is involved while being hit by a whiffle ball, shirtless, and thrown at full speed. Upon realization the game began to evolve into a primal game of pain.

The rules of the game are to stand shirtless, facing each other, no more than 15 feet apart and throw a Whiffle Ball as hard as possible at the solar plexus of the opponent, creating the as much pain as possible. Each person gets two throws to make contact, variations include a Beer Pong style rule, where if you make contact consecutive times you keep going till you miss. Original game was just two throws and then thrower changes. This was most likely done because most of us were wuss's and could not stand the pain.

When each person takes their turn one round is over. Rounds generally hover around 10. First thrower is decided by a best 2 out of 3 game of Roshambo. However, there is normally a 3rd person who is designated face protector, who usually holds a towel folded and draped over a Whiffle Ball Bat in front of the receiving face. Nuts are covered soccer penalty kick style by the receivers own hands. There is a variation of this game called "Gay Whiffle Ball Standoff Don't Hit Me In the Nuts Or Face" where there is a 4th person designated Protector of Nuts. Where this 4th person would cover the nuts.

Game winner is declared by opponent giving up or person with the most hits at the end of the rounds. When playing with groups it is normally done elimination style where the final loser has to give everybody one free throw.
Dude we just played the sickest game of WBSDHMITNOF! You should see the welts on my chest, you can see the imprint of the Whiffle Ball holes!
by George Chiang October 17, 2007
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