Verb. An extreme form of anal sex when a performer in a porn scene intentionally prolapses her rectum, which another performer then proceeds to french kiss, in effect sucking on the descending colon of the first performer.
Dude. That chick is into rose budding. BIOHAZARD! Stay away!
by HangmanAngman January 25, 2014
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An enflamed hemorhoid.
Joe could hardly use the cheap, one-ply office toilet paper because his rose bud was so tender.
by Richard Black March 9, 2005
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I licked her rose bud and made her come so hard.
by chris_hargensen August 24, 2013
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a homosexual male who enjoys anal sex
He rode his anus all night till it bled, he was a rose bud rider
by clive wilson November 5, 2006
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Ben, I am going to market, cause I,m tired world, I pick a dozen only of biscuits, & you,ll see I have brought it out, thisrose bud kiss to have it out.
by man!? May 25, 2017
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