A roob is a derogatory term used to describe someone of low intellectual capacity. Similar in definition to a redneck
Sarah - "I do English good"

Chris - "Roob!"
by Cwistofer July 14, 2010
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Ran/run out of battery.

Can be used for your phone.
Or you not being able to continue to party on down yeah.
rosie the fluffer asked if she could use the vibrate function on don's phone for fluffing. Don said "sorry tits, phone roob, show more boob"

rosie and don had been clubbing for some time, several hours actually, don burke had been partying especially hard because he was hanging with the khurls meister at home house. all of a sudden it caught up with him and he was roob.
rosie inquired "don you wanna red bull vod dog? don?.... baby? oh dammn, your roobing hard, your so roob!! haha see ya roob dog."
by space doctor May 09, 2010
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A person, usually male, who dresses horribly. The dress sense can easily be defined as dickish, quite often a post modern, middle class chav. The fashion sense involves collared polo's with the buttons done up all the way, long hair that covers the ears and partially the eyes something only two haircuts could solve.
This dress sense leads to a self inflated ego filled sense of achievement and often the opinion that they look "cool".
A roob, in short, is someone who dresses like a complete dick but thinks they look cool
Person 1 - "Hey check out my new polo"
Person 2 - "With the buttons done up all the way? Roob."

I have never seen such a roobish haircut in my life.

You're boyfriend is such a roob. I mean look, he's strutting around the room with his collar turned up and his buttons done up...he is a dick. full stop.
by pgtipsta January 10, 2010
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Roger Price (creator of MadLibs) in his 1970 classic, "The Roob Revolution" created the term 'roob' to denote the so-called Silent Majority of his time. They are still with us today, as evidenced by the political 'career' of Sarah Palin et al.

The roobs are immediately identifiable not only by their uneducated mangling of our language (I will refer you to his book and Paul Fussell's immortal treatise "Class" for more detail) but their inability to see cause and effect of their own toxic behavior.

It may also be referred to with the plural roobs and the collective noun roobdom.

Obviously, it is derived from the derogatory urban slang of yesteryear, rube which was short for reuben, referring to an undereducated rural person (e.g., "Reuben Reuben I've Been Thinking").

A synonym: bubs, as in 'the bubs', a depiction of the Elmer Fudd like qualities of the modern rube.
If you live in the U.S., just look around you; they are everywhere. They are in some ways the American version of Orwell's 'proles.'

Here are some examples of RoobSpeak from Mr. Price:

Dropping the 'g' on present participles (think Bush's speechifyin');

Misuse of the word 'penultimate' to mean 'ultimate';

the infallible mark of the roob, according to Price, is the pronunciation of the word "interesting" as "inna-ress-ing"

with the stress on the third syllable.
by Lamb Cannon July 14, 2009
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The protruding ribs on a skinny-guy that look disturbingly like the breasts of an elderly matron when he sucks in his abdominal region.
Terry lifted his shirt and sucked in his stomach displaying his roobs.
by slightlydisturbedbyroobs March 09, 2009
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