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Someone full of infinite awesomeness, a beautiful girl who doesn't really realize the extent of your beauty even though everyone else sees it; she's an amazing at acting and drawing and singing and dancing and she's one of the kindest people in the world. And it's row-knee in case you were wondering.
Guy 1: "Hey did you say Ronee today?"
Guy 2: "Huh. I wish."
Guy 1: "Is she seeing anyone?"
Guy 2: "I hope not. I'm part of the long line of boys who want to be Ronee's boyfriend."
Guy 1: "There's a line?"
Guy 2: "Of course there's a line. She's Ronee."
by Simplebean March 27, 2015
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Ronee is a sweet, caring, loving, so dang beautiful inside and out. She is extremely intelligent, highly artistic and has the biggest heart you'll ever come across. But oh so sassy. You don't wanna get into a battle of wits with Ronee, she might you up cuz she is so fiery! She's the type of friend that will go to all lengths to help you or be by your side. And if your ever lucky enough to have her as your girlfriend you should make her your wife... She's definitely a keeper!!
Ronee is on fire 🔥
by The wise one*##* July 12, 2018
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