The street name for Toblerone, a substance sold in triangular chunks by dealers. There are different varieties, including white rone, the purest type on the market, and fruit and nut rone, the lairiest shit on the streets.
"Just did a crazy chunk of rone man"
by ronedealer October 10, 2011
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A popular drug among teenagers - Short for 'Toblerone'. Can induce hallucinations and ecstatic behavior.
Ah mate! I totally shouldn't have had so much Rone last night - I was fucked off my head!
by EddyTheLad October 10, 2011
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Man did you rone with that girl last night.

I'm about to rone tonight.
by Jay162 March 6, 2010
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Getting slayed in a sport or activity.
My neighbor from down the street to join a game of basketball;he got roned.
by #roned May 13, 2015
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noun (used with a singular verb) Pathology.

another name for coronavirus / COVID-19 – an extremely infectious illness characterized by flu-like symptoms, often leading to pneumonia and even death.
Ya'll leaving quarantine gonna get the rones and shit.
All that toilet paper you stockpiling ain't gonna stop thos rones.
Tom Hanks got the rones and it's actually pretty sad. Not joking.
by gzzzzzz March 18, 2020
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Someone full of infinite awesomeness, a beautiful girl who doesn't really realize the extent of your beauty even though everyone else sees it; she's an amazing at acting and drawing and singing and dancing and she's one of the kindest people in the world. And it's row-knee in case you were wondering.
Guy 1: "Hey did you say Ronee today?"
Guy 2: "Huh. I wish."
Guy 1: "Is she seeing anyone?"
Guy 2: "I hope not. I'm part of the long line of boys who want to be Ronee's boyfriend."
Guy 1: "There's a line?"
Guy 2: "Of course there's a line. She's Ronee."
by Simplebean March 23, 2015
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