The greatest drug-induced experiance I have ever tried. You feel as if no matter what happens everything will somehow work aut and you keep telling people that but no one understands. But you don't care, because your a rolling stone.
Last night I dropped two E-bombs aand smoked a dub with some bids... I was trippin balls. In a very good way. I was rolling stoned and I loved it.
by Being sober is for the weak March 11, 2007
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Under the influence of marijuana and ecstasy.When you are smoking weed while thizzin it enchances the effects of the ecstasy which causes a feeling like you are floating or rolling around. So your rolling stoned. Get it?
Spider Man, "Dude Dr. Octoe just pop 3 thizzles and he smoked 2 blunts of sour diesel."

Mary Jane, "He must be rolling stoned. I love him"

Dr. Octoe, " I LOVE YOU GUYS! "
by Dr. Octaveis June 16, 2009
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Charlie Daniels said you shouldn't go smoke that dope
But hell, I can't help, I love rolling stoned
Yeah, I love rolling stoned - Upchurch
• Bro, we are so rolling stoned tonight
by Smokey.42015 March 11, 2019
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The act of listening to hard blues rock after smoking multiple grams of Kush.
“Hey man, pass that bong. We’re getting Rolling Stoned tonight.”
by BobbyHill8357942289 October 28, 2018
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