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Being high on ecstasy. Everything feels so good that you want to roll your face on everything such as couches, dogs, etc.
Jimmy went to the party just so he could Roll Face.
by Matty O October 20, 2007
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high on ecstasy to the point of chewing on the inside of your mouth because it feels nice, and your eyes beginning to roll back in their sockets.
man i had such a roll face last night! but i have no emotions and a cut up mouth today though..
by norco December 29, 2008
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to excel greatly in a specific area; similar to 'owning faces', 'owning', or 'pwning'.
A: "So, do you roll face on your Xbox?"
B: "Hellz yeah! I completely rolled faces last night."
by bsands March 22, 2008
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