Some wigga who just tries to be black because they talk with an accent and grab on their balls. They also have a 1mm penis.
Man that fucking Ro-Gangster wigga is so annoying
by xXxPussySlayer1910xXx May 20, 2021
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insecure 12 year old white kids acting like the stereotypical african-american gangster, hence why they make their skin dark-colored, on roblox
if you are a rogangster please reevaluate your life choices
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Ro-Gangsters like to play games like da hood and the streets. they call everyone "Psy" for no reason. when someone starts blasting mumble rap that's really loud and has a lot of swear words then that's a rogangster. they are usally white 9 year olds who have small pp
you: Hey please stop
Ro-gangster: MIC UP PSY
by Sad little Clown April 23, 2021
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Ro-Gangsters are a rare species found in the game platform Roblox. During the past couple years this species has grown with insane speed. During 2020 Ro-Gangsters have managed to spread in all of Roblox and are found in every game. It has been common for moments like this to happen every 2 years but the problem with Ro-Gangsters is that they have a very high rate of attacking. The only recorded sound of a Ro-Gangster was "Mic up". The easiest way of identify a Ro-Gangster is by looking for someone that only wears dark clothes, has the stitch face equipped and approaches you to attack for no reason. The home of Ro-Gangsters is the toxic place known as Da Hood. If you're planning to visit Da Hood you should always become prepared for everything. The moment you hear loud music with swear words there's no way to run away and you have to fight the Ro-Gangster.
"Mic up" - 24kblockxss (Ro-Gangster)
by Incra February 23, 2021
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A group of african american kids (some just wannabes) dressing up with brown skin, a face that shows ur mouth stitched, and brown hair that looks like something exploded in their heads, probs why their so toxic. There vocabulary is "ahh" (ass) "finna" and one of their main phrases is "mic up" for asking lil kids who probs dont even know what discord is to mic up with them. Some ro gangsters just dress like that cuz its a trend or sum. If youre using the roblox block body then they'll call you "amazon box body looking ahh". Theyll prey around in da hood (mainly where they started popping up) and keystone middle school which is completely infected with them by now. They also wear fucking rich stuff such as limited faces or korblox legs. There signature move is to wave slowly and a little bit higher.
Kid: I wil git you stp teming u gangsta

Youtuber who makes videos on ro-gangsters: Imagine teaming and oding smh ro-gangster

Ro-Gangster: MiC uP kId
by Demon Black March 21, 2021
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White spoiled shits on Roblox with edgy avatars and pretend to be hood kids. They claim to do various crimes when in reality, they're too afraid to wield a knife, let alone even shoplift. The age range goes from 8 to 12. You can identify these people by their speech (examples: ".." "I-"), their avatars (will have poor quality versions of wealthy cosmetics brands and unrealistic proportions), and will constantly tell you to "mic up."
Rogangsters: *exists*
God: Humanity was a mistake.
by GameMech March 24, 2021
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Overused Racist Stereotype For Black People On ROBLOX. Usually this word is a gangster on ROBLOX but it's overused to be used for any black person on ROBLOX. It used to be just a word for people who wear bandanas on ROBLOX but now people are just using the word for random black people on the game ROBLOX.
Oh My God, This Guy Is A Ro-Gangster
by TrendingDex March 23, 2021
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