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When playing a video game, the act of defeating another player so bad, it's down right humiliating. You have no other choice than to rofl at the fact that you stomped his ass.
Dude, did you see that rogue try to gank me while I was eating my sandwich? I trinketed that shit and 2 hit him. Bitch got roflstomped.
by Yeg117 July 11, 2009
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To dominate someone to the point of embarrassment and shame, usually in a videogame. Derived from the popular acronym ROFL meaning extreme laughter and Stomp meaning an epic asswhupping.
"Dude, Evan totally just totally ROFLstomped that poor kid at Guitar Hero"

"Did those n00bs really just challenge us? They're in for the ROFLstomping of a liftime!"
by xHOBOCOREx May 03, 2008
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To beat somebody so badly that they ROFL. Typically in a video game such as WOW.
Person 1 "Woah dude I just blew your face off with this BFG. Then I duked your mom!"
Person 2 (ROFL)
Person 1 (To the rest of the internet community) "He got Rofl Stomped"
by Lucas, Charlie, and Colin January 07, 2008
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The act of brutally stomping someone while they are in fact Rolling On the Floor Laughing this act is usually taken due to bad sense of humor or because the joke was about them.
Leo "Whoa dude what happened to your nose"

Tom "Cory didn't find the your mom joke too funny and ROFL stomped the shit out of my face"
by Lilbillium September 15, 2008
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When you see a WoW addicted tool walking out of the Best Buy doors with the new Burning Crusade expansion pack, and you without thought, rock his shit like the little nub that he is. You follow all of this up by a swift stomp to his face, and scream " PWNT " then walk away as if nothing had happened.
" Dude, that little WoW faggot just got fucking roflstomped. "
by ROFLSTOMP4K January 15, 2007
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