when you lift weights and you get crazy viens stickin' out all over your arms, legs, head/neck, chest, etc.
Jeremiah: "Holy shit! whats on your arms?!"
Joseph: "Haha man, i was just doin' some curls and the roadmap came out."
by treesitter January 10, 2010
Using the word 'roadmap' can be a replacement for such words that describe a person's liking to a situation such as awesome, cool, sweet, tubular, groovy.
Rosie: "That sure was a good movie!"
Bryce: "Yeah! It was roadmap!"
by Alec W January 20, 2007
Occurs when you stretch your sack over the face of a camping size flashlight. When you turn on the light, you can see all the roads.
I think we're lost. A roadmap sure would come in handy right about now.
by Bradl Miller the third July 31, 2010
Someone who obsessively and loudly complains when plans change or things do not go their way. They commonly make a lot of noise causing major distraction to others.

Coined by CIG in January 2022 in response to backers of the game Star Citizen after complaints about repeated delays on the roadmap development progress.
A large contingent of Roadmap Watchers continue to make noise every time we shift deliverables.
by SC_Speek February 16, 2022