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when you lift weights and you get crazy viens stickin' out all over your arms, legs, head/neck, chest, etc.
Jeremiah: "Holy shit! whats on your arms?!"
Joseph: "Haha man, i was just doin' some curls and the roadmap came out."
by treesitter January 09, 2010
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Using the word 'roadmap' can be a replacement for such words that describe a person's liking to a situation such as awesome, cool, sweet, tubular, groovy.
Rosie: "That sure was a good movie!"
Bryce: "Yeah! It was roadmap!"
by Alec W January 20, 2007
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Occurs when you stretch your sack over the face of a camping size flashlight. When you turn on the light, you can see all the roads.
I think we're lost. A roadmap sure would come in handy right about now.
by Bradl Miller the third July 30, 2010
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When I shine a flashlight through my nut-sack, my viens look like the US highways.
Tourist: Where is the closest Starbuck's
Me: Here, come check out the road map, I;ll show you exactly where to take your yuppie, sycophant ass to.
by Jpac August 09, 2003
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