Reflexes Of A CHeetah

Often shouted when someone makes a catch or some other stunt that requires quick reflexes
(John catches a fly) That was so ROACH man!
by roachissimo1 July 01, 2009
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The end of a Joint or Blunt of marijuana and looks like a cock roach a.k.a. Roach. Contains the most resin, save roaches to roll new blunts or joints for an even stronger effect from the resin.
Damn! that shit burned my fingers Roach that Joint man.
by Cuban Pete August 09, 2004
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a street name for the drug Rohypnol made by a company called Roache. also known as ruffies. a benzodiazapine similar to valium but much more potent. Often used in raves or used to drug people in order to rape them.
I just saw a guy slip a roach in your drink.
by Anonymous September 18, 2003
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A word of many meanings, most common, Papa Roach, referring to a band that has no talent
by MaRbIeZ April 27, 2003
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One who is generally lazy, cheap, and an overall scumbag.
Robbie ditched his date, the night of the prom, because he is a roach and didn't want to pay for a tux.
by EcKo5 April 25, 2005
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Someone who can also be referred to as trash, or is ugly, annoying, and much like the bug, belongs under your feet.

Usually looks, and smells like trash. Could be associated with Hispanics who think they own the place, or girls who try to hard.
Ex 1: "Don't touch me you roach!"
Ex 2: "I hate roaches!"
by JaZmyn_X September 15, 2016
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