rememeber , not to forget
rmb kya?

remember me or forgot
by amit January 15, 2004
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Race Me Back

(A reference to the popular iphone game, "Bike Race", where friends can race each other online.)
"Hey, you haven't rmb in a while."
"When you get a chance, rmb"
by TheBikeRaceGod November 20, 2013
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simply mean rub my booty
rmb please babyy🥺
by @me_hoe May 19, 2019
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Right mouse button. Example is related to game Tf2
Use your rmb to pick up and move that dispenser closer to our team.
by Master_Penetrate June 16, 2017
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RMB stands for - Rolling my brain. It’s taking rolling your eyes to the extreme. When someone says RMB they are so done with the subject/situation that their brain is literally cringing and rolling back.
Argh this creepy guy won’t stop messaging me, RMB!

This chick won’t stop preaching to me, jeeze RMB.

You like long walks on the beach? So boring, RMB.
by Purrpleeeee February 14, 2019
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(FINANCE) real estate mortgage backed securities; usually used to refer to the derivatives created by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that were used to create collateralized debt obligations CDO's.

Most economists seem to agree that the 2008 crisis was caused by the collapse of the real estate market, which was mainly caused by the toxic relationship between RMBS's and the CDO's created mostly with them.
For almost eighty years the RMBS business helped people buy homes, with few serious problems. Then Congress abolished Glass-Steagall, the banks merged and created CDO's, and total disaster followed.

And now our neighborhoods look awful as well.
by Abu Yahya April 5, 2010
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Acronym for RUB. MY. BEARD.
I RMB all day because I am so Raven!
by ignorantslutt August 16, 2010
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