Acronym for Ring My Bell
To show that you are delighted, pleased, or glad over a particular action that someone did to/for you; to be excited by something.

Past Tense: Rang My Bell
"OMG RMB that boy is HOT!"
"Jen, your cookies just RMB"
by Maitresse99 September 29, 2009
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Stands for: Red Mystery Box, in the PlayFish Game, PET SOCIETY.

It's worth 50 coins, and is commonly used in various trading forums, for buying the cheapest items.

For Sale: 5 Black Ducks At 4 RMBs Each!
by urulokei March 04, 2009
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It is an abreviation for Rythem Move and Beat. Like pop and rock music.
On the radio they play RMB
by J LP July 13, 2018
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RMB Homie is an up-and-coming rapper based in Martinsburg, WV. He is best known from LBB Unalike song "Icebreaker" which was aired on 103.7 Miami Shaq Fu Radio. Shaq Fu Radio is owned by NBA Hall of Famer Shaq. In an hour "Icebreaker" received 20,000 streams topping Miami's radio station.
Did you hear RMB Homie's feature on Icebreaker?
by King BW W May 07, 2020
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An acronym for Gently Rub My Balls. Used when you want to tell someone in an instant message conversation or SMS message that they should go screw themselves.
"I heard that chick thinks you're ugly."
"Oh yeah, G,RMB."
by kweiner March 16, 2006
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