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A small town on the south coast of England where no-one in their right mind would want to go. It is full of old people and sometimes referred to as 'god's waiting room'. But it is kind of cosy.
1st Person: 'Hey let's go on a holiday to sunny Bexhill!'
2nd person: 'Ahh!' *falls over after being hit by an old person on a scooter thingy* 'and its raining as well!'
by Psycho Emz September 09, 2006
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crap and don't ever bother going there. You'll probably think it's a nice little sunny place on the south coast of england with lovely sea air that has a lot of character and that's close to some big towns. Well you'd be wrong. It's a boring little raining place on the south coast of england with a view of the murky grey sea with no character whatsoever. It has so many old people in it that it's known as 'God's waiting room'. Personally, i call it crap. As an added bonus you'll probably get run over by one of the old people in a motorized scooter going at about 70mph the wrong way down a one-way street. And if you think that you can just park by the sea and look out at the ocean you'd be wrong. You can't ever park in Bexhill because everyone double parks and the traffic wardens don't give a damn. But otherwise you'll find it lovely.
Person 1: Hey lets go live in Bexhill! I hear it's a nice place to bring up the kids.
Person 2: If you ever say that again, i will leave you and you will never see me again. OK?
by Becky hates Bexhill (shocking) October 17, 2006
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