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when you have sex (rip) and then leave soon after (dip)
I went to my girlfriends house for a rip and dip.
by Devan27 January 13, 2008
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To go somewhere you would never go to for any reason other than to smoke marijuana -- usually a blunt(to 'rip' a blunt) -- and leaving as soon as the session is finished due one or many of the following:
1. Saw a cop earlier
2. The little-to-a-shitload of paranoia the marijuana produced
3. It's cold as fuck
4. You have to catch something(like a movie or family dinner) that required you to be high in the first place
5. The whole situation is just sketchy

To 'dip' means to dip out of the place, dip out of the situation, etc.
Pip and Quart are smoking a schwag beezy in the Target parking lot:
Pip: Hey Quart, it's roachin' now, let's hurry up.
Quart: Why hurry Pip? I was thinking we could bust out the bong after this blunt.
Pip: Naa, I'm good - high as fuck and I'm kinda gettin paranoid..
Quart: Damn... not again bro, you gotta cut that shit out if you're gonna rip with me.
Pip: Well I wouldn't be as paranoid if we didn't see that cop car a few min ago.
Quart: Yeah I guess, let's just rip and dip.

Same people above are smoking yet again, another schwag beezy in the creek behind Pip's neighborhood.
Pip: Yo Quart, this roach is about to die, should I kill it?
Quart: Yeah I got the piece here too.
Pip: Na man, I was plannin on just rippin' and dippin' tonight, no long sessions - I have a popcorn family party to catch in a few minutes.
Quart: Oh wow you're a pussy Pip. It's fine I guess, I'll jus smoke it at the party I'm going to later tonight.
by Luke Lay March 28, 2010
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Meaning to take a big fat hit from a bong, bubbler, or gravity bong and proceed to drink the liquid inside. gets you REAL fucked up.
"hey man i heard Jack died"
"yeah man, he did a rip and dip but he used lean, instant heart attack"
by jayboobs January 24, 2018
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The act of farting in a certain area, and then fleeing from the area in order to prevent the smell from following you. Usually used to prank others by forcing them to deal with a horrible smell. Also see fart and dart, shit and split, and crop dusting
Dude #1: "Dude! do you smell that?"
Dude #2: "Yeah! Someone got us big time with a severe Rip and Dip!"
by The Man J December 16, 2011
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Ripping and dipping is a prison term indicating a fast and furious raping, typically involving ripping off a prisoner's clothing and then "dipping", a euphemism for the act of anal sex.

Sometimes this can be used as a crude way to describe a violent quickie.
You know what they do to punks like you in jail?! With that pretty face? You'll be two days in general population before they rip and dip you.
by overgroove June 23, 2011
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A female who gives a lot of oral sex; a.k.a bustdown.
Damn my best friend's in love wit a rip and dip, he don't know she be suckin' dick soon as he leave the house.
by 20 and 5ty December 15, 2005
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