A person with a consistant need to reinstall an OS on a computer.
Person 1: Argh, I need to reinstall my OS
Person 2: Just pull a rioter
by Bashed February 14, 2010
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Rioters News is a main provider of bad news to the world, along with Gloomberg and also APE News.

Unlike the other news channels, Rioters news provides news only in print/form. Not very useful if you are by5Lexi)
Richard was totally bummed when Rioters news told him the whole neighbourhood of his vacation home in Florida had been ripped apart by a hurricane.
by Shizuma April 07, 2008
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Rioter that as the name suggests is a dumbass, they are the ones who loot, burn/destroy buildings, and even to the point of killing people.
- Wow, do you see whats going on in Minneapolis, I heard they burned down several buildings.
- Yeah, they’re just a bunch if Dumbass Rioters
by Clickbaįt June 04, 2020
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Rioters Block is the feeling of anxiety, fear or a loss of motivation during a riot. The causes are not entirely known but the fact that police will kill someone for playing in the park or just walking out their front door may be why rioters would be struck with said fear and an inability to complete a successful riot or at least a simple firebombing.
I swear that I am so tired of this bullshit the Government keeps pulling but everytime I try to go tear some shit down or decide to go set their cars on fire I am crippled by this stubborn case of Rioters Block. I need to get over this or they are will just keep on screwing things up.
by saharadryhumor January 02, 2015
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Mindless folk who seek tax exemption whilst claiming it back through the currency of carpet samples, broken televisions and tesco value goods.
Hey Rekisha pass me that basmati rice ;)

Living the life of luxury with my carpet samples :)

Cant get this shit from stores my brother! *Holding carpet samples*

Im one of the "English rioters" so i have a single figured IQ and bank account.
by donttrustwhatisay August 26, 2011
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To infect capitol Hill rioters with rabies as a reward for their treason
The Capitol Hill Rioters rabies cure was a popular Democratic betting game. The treasonous rioters were infected with rabies, so the Democrats could bet on their order of death. Joe Biden hit a long-shot deadly daily double death winning a fortune. It was a photo finish to see which monitor flat-lined first.
by queensbury kid January 06, 2022
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