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A sharp stinging pain that targets the anus. Caused by spicy food, a shit too large for the rectum to handle comfortably or from bum sex.
Sweet Jesus, I'm at the highest level on the ol' pain spectrum I've jus come down with a case of fucking ringsting on me rectum.
by Ringsting February 26, 2008
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stinging sensation around the a-hole caused by spicy food eaten the night before, or on occasion a particularly violent and sharp turd that when released feels like your ass is being ripped
Sweet jesus, that harsh vindaloo last night has given me a right proper case of ringsting
by Regina Phelangey December 20, 2004
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anal pain caused by eating hot and spicy food.
me and all! it gave us right ringsting
by red wine bitch January 4, 2003
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Stinging sensation around the arsehole caused by fingering of the anus or been drybummed.
Si, I got serious ringsting from what you did to my arse last night
by Dan Bates December 19, 2007
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A faggot hair cut AKA the pudding basin
popularized by Wesley Brown.
"Dude those ringsteds are huge"
"I can't get my ringsteds to stay up"
by Stedsmeister October 15, 2008
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the coolest place on earth. where all the cool people live.
random dude: lets go to slagelse

random dude 2: no way, Ringsted its cooler.
by Notna April 23, 2011
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Condition that occurs after consuming too many spicy foods that cause a burning sensation around your sphincter when expelled.
I ate all of those Jalapenos in Rosa's Nacho's last night and this morning my anus had a live performance from Bruce Ringsting.

It was a bad idea to go to Akbar's at 3 am and hit the buffet for madras, now I've got a bad case of Bruce Ringsting.
by Mucho Mario October 23, 2012
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